The Dancefloor...

Andy...also known as DJ Mistress Macabre... is a Mixologist with a number of releases on the market.

Released under the Chaos Angel Music label, those forays into the alternative world of techno beats have gained a wide listening audience.

Think you can handle the Mistress Macabre's unique style of funky vibes?

Then dare to trek the head nodding space jam that is the Mistress's music.


Neon Abyss

Raid The Apocalypse

Vintage Void

Robot Playground

Xenon Trance

Want to hear samples before you commit? Strap on your ears and get ready to bleed!

Chaos Angel from Neon Abyss

Neon Tableau from Raid The Apocalypse

Just drop the Mistress an email (just click the word email) to purchase your very own MP3 download.

Want to hear what turned Andy into DJ Mistress Macabre? Have a listen to Andy's first attempt at mixing...

Club Midnyte on YouTube