Good evening... and welcome to Club Midnyte.

Your hosts, Q & A, take great pains to ensure your stay is a pleasant one.

We're quite generous with our resources, and think you will find plenty to keep you entertained.

If there are any  suggestions you'd like to see added to our pop culture buffet of the odd (we're constantly seeking out new avenues of the unusual and often overlooked) please send us a message.


Now...before you go wandering off alone, there are some rules in place here...and they are for your safety.

If you wish to simply hang out for a while...and not join the party, The Library is the safest place for you while visiting the Club.

There, you can read guest poetry or musings from either of us...

If you'd like to surrender to us and appear in our digital and print issues, simply visit the Summon Q & A page to submit your poetry, short stories music, articles on any dark pop culture fad trending at the moment, dark comic books and/or graphic novels, art/photography and short movies of a creepy and sinister nature, for review and possible publication.

We are quite finicky, so here is the stone cold on submissions...

FAQ: Club Midnight Magazine is a small press. We're 50 pages each issue...give or take a page or two. We are strictly first come, first served. Each month, calls for submissions are clearly posted on our Facebook page. If you haven't liked us on Facebook,  now's your chance. Click here ----> Club Midnyte on Facebook


Basics: Reprints welcome as long as you have the necessary rights to republish the work.

NO simultaneous submissions. That will get you immediately blacklisted.

Age: You MUST be at least 18 years old to submit material to Club Midnyte. No, your parents can't sign the contract giving their permission. Sorry...

Nudity: Spare us. Sex might sell, but it doesn't at this Club. We want scary, morbid and macabre, not skanky.

Poetry/Short Stories/Articles: Any dark/macabre style of poetry...haiku, freestyle, prose...all are accepted.

Short stories: Up to 1000 words and MUST be dark in nature.

Articles: 10 page limit on any dark or macabre subject.

Music: Gothic, Darkwave, Ethereal, Techno/Industrial/EBM or Symphonic Metal.

You may send physical CDs or links for full download only.
Only the choicest music is listened to at the we don't advance purchase music, BUT... if our devoted club goers like your music, you can rest assured...we will infect everyone with your vibes.

Movies: Dark Mysteries/Noir, Psychological Thrillers and of course...Horror.

Under 30 minutes ONLY!

Please note...films with nudity/sex used in a gratuitous manner will NOT be screened at the Club.

The Club has no taste for schlock, in ANY form.

Art: Anything macabre, dark twisted, weird or horror based. Photo manipulation is gladly welcomed. Submit up to five (5) pieces.

Please note...we focus mainly on the digital edition of our publication, which means all COLOR art and photos will be in color in the pdf edition. print, everything automatically transitions to B & W.

Pay: One (1) complimentary digital copy to contributors.

In our monthly collection, you'll also see top news, reviews, info, articles and anything else we deem worthy of oggling on the darker side of:

Comics/Graphic Novels
Weird Tourist Traps and Destinations
Creepy Pasta
Conventions (when available)
Interviews with Pop Culture Creeps

And much more...


As for the other parts of the Club... they don't make print...but you might find them interesting, nonetheless...

Eye Gouges: Links to authors and other odd and interesting folk, popular in trending dark culture.

Want to see your site listed? Summon Q & A...Subject line: Eye Gouges

The Dark Room: Websites that don't really fit into any category...which is just fine with us.

Think we need to know about a creepy cool site? Summon Q & A... Subject line: The Dark Room

Now, as for the rest of Club...what remains are the Catacombs...which are only for those of the darkest, most depraved and "adult" nature.

If you'd like to add your special version of darker and perverse malevolence to this section, Summon Q & A...Subject line: Catacombs

If you're not 18 and above, stay out of the Catacombs.

You've been warned and if you stray from the safety of the Library area, you may never find your way out and we might never see you again...

Enjoy your stay and come back as often as you like, to see us...

We'll be waiting...

Q & A